Sunday, October 10, 2010

Meron Nga Bang Nagbago?

PNoy promised change. So far, there had been many changes. I laud the changes in the GOCCs and the GFIs. The exposes on how grossly abused these offices were by their boards. These are major changes that created a huge impact on public perception. But there changes that show na "walang pagbabago".

In the Bureau of Customs, "areglo" is still rampant. Before, it was P80,000-P125,000 per container. Now, it's between P165,000-P185,000. Only the faces changed but the same corrupt practices remained. Importers complained that despite their desire to pay the right taxes, officials come up with charges so that the importer would use the "areglo" just so they can bring their goods out. No wonder manufacturing costs are so high.

The new Metro Manila Development Authority administration has also done nothing. In fact, traffic has become terrible. Colorum buses continue to ply their routes with impunity. Of course the LTFRB shares the blame. The "Kabit system" is tolerated. There is a very simple solution to this problem, simple conduct an audit of franchises of these bus companies. EDSA looks like a huge parking lot even on weekends. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to fix this problem.

The revised IIRC report will be released on Monday. This will prove if things really has changed or wala talagang pagbabago. Will justice be blind or would it favor those close to PNoy? I hope there wouldn't be scapegoats.