Wednesday, April 07, 2010

The True TOPAKs

Out of desperation and lack of creativity, Nacionalista Goebbels, Alan Peter Cayetano and Gilbert Remulla has coined a rather lame acronym for Noynoy Aquino and his campaign team. After Manny Villar's significant drop in the latest surveys, they had to come up with more lies to throw at Sen. Aquino. To get under Aquino's skin, they called his team TOPAK which they say means, Trapo, Oportunista and kamag-anak inc. Also throwing his lot into the fray is Bongbong Marcos, son of a dictator who took the country into near destruction.

So let's dissect this new tirade against Noynoy. Alan Cayetano who took us all for a for a spin in the last elections to get elected into the senate is, as his actions in the senate would confirm is a pure unadulterated trapo. Defending his embattled patron Villar to the point of making a fool of himself in the C-5 controversy, Cayetano showed us a real trapo at work. He is an opportunist himself. Riding on the unpopularity of Gloria Arroyo, he used whatever means possible to get elected. And when the time came to investigate the NBN-ZTE deal came, he did not even dare call one of his biggest campaign contributors whose name was mentioned in the hearings. The Cayetanos are a kamag-anak inc. Alan's sister is also a senator running for re-election and his wife is a congresswoman of Taguig. Iba talag, all in the family!

What about Gilbert Remulla who calls Noynoy Gloriaquino? Is he also a trapo? Is he also an opportunist? Is he also a member of kamag-anak inc.? I say all of the above. His brother Boying Remulla did not sign GMA's impeachment. He may claim that he's different from his brother but I call it playing safe which translates to being a family of trapos. His other brother is the vice governor of Cavite who tried to wrest the governorship from Gov. Ayong Maliksi. It was supposed to be in exchange for Gilbert's silence in the Garci hearings. Unfortunately for them, Maliksi thwarted their plan so the deal did not push through. What is it with politics that entire families are lured into "public service"? The pay must be really good, don't you think?

So who are the true TOPAKs? The holier than though duo of the NP surely are. Their records speak for themselves. Without anything to destroy Noynoy's reputation with, they now deviate from the real issues. If they claim to be what they are are, then I dare them to demand from Villar answers to all the controversies hounding him. Like the two leftist in their senatorial slate, they remained silent on the cases hurled against Villar. How then can you convince us that you will faithfully serve the people when you cannot even question the integrity of your presidential candidate?

At the end of the day, it is the vast wealth of Villar that forces them to make fools of themselves. Clean your own backyards first before you accuse anyone of being TOPAKs. I dare you to run as independents and show us what you are really made of. Don't BS us with motherhood explanations to the transgressions of your beloved leader. The crap you thrown maybe your own. Now who are the true TOPAKs?