Friday, March 05, 2010

From The Mouths of Babes

My son is so irritated with Villar's ads that he seldom opens his Facebook account. Even the net did not escape Villar's ads. He's also sick and tired of hearing Villar's campaign jingle that he decided to rewrite the lyrics of the song. He just entered his teens, not a voter yet and sure knows what Villar's true color is. So now I share with you his song. With so many issues hurled against Villar, he would like to get some answers.

Totoo ba na nan-land grab ka?
Totoo ba, sa C-5 ay kumita?
Yan ang tanung namin,
Bakit ayaw mong sagutin?

Nalaman namin ang land covernsion mo.
Mga mag-sasaka, nawalan ng trabaho.
At ang iyong plano.
Ay lokohin mga tao.

Si Villar ang tunay na pahirap.
Si Villar ang tunay na pasakit.
Si Villar ang may kakayahang,
Gumawa ng katiwalian.

Si Manny Villar,
Ang magdidiin sa atin,
Sa kahirapan.

My son and his friends intend to make a video of this. That's how disgusted they are with being bombarded with what is obviously a ton of lies. See what happens when you have a catchy campaign jingle? It gets obliterated by irritated viewers and listeners. Maybe Cayetano and Remulla can learn a thing or two from the mouths of babes.