Thursday, November 25, 2010

Pride and Prejudice

I'm glad that Enteng Romano has resigned from the government. Not that I am one of those who thinks his brainchild stinks but because I appreciated his efforts. Greg Macabenta couldn't have written it better. I first met Enteng Romano when I was just 16. The Altos Computers took me in as an apprentice while I waited for the semester to open. although we did not work together directly, we shared the same small office together with my mentor, Myrna Jopson (sister of the late Ed Jopson). Last time I saw him was during a prayer rally in Makati. He has always been a hard worker, vibrant and enthusiastic.

I admire how he handled the situation he was in. He took it like a man while an ingrate people screamed for his head. I suppose people were just envious that this public servant was trying his best to serve the country. How many public servants (past and present) can match his delicadeza? I guess, Filipinos have yet to grasp national pride. The easily questioned the use of Pilipino as a selling point to promote tourism. You would be surprised of how how many foreigners know the meaning of "ganda". Perhaps because we are not proud of who we really are. Instead we would like to go with the flow and imitate the slogans of our Asian neighbors. We did not even give the project a chance. It all boils down on how you market the brand. The Dept. of Tourism can explain what the phrase "Kay Ganda" means.

But like geniuses envious that we did not come up with a slogan, we quickly shot the idea down. I did not find anything bad in the slogan. Along with the media, stakeholders who really did not care jumped on the bandwagon and showed their prejudice. Romano may not be brilliant but at least he's doing what he thinks is good for the country. Day in and day out, all I would hear and read is how bad the slogan was. It was only after the slogan came out that the concerned(?) sectors came out, and they had nothing good to say. A friend who owns a travel agency found it different, innovative at that. I suppose we prefer to lose our identity in the sea of English. It's no wonder why we are being left behind. We lack a national goal and vision. It's everyone for himself. Are we not proud of who we are? I guess not.

Kudos to you Enteng for showing the people what you are made of. And to all you geniuses, join the government. Let us see how well you'll perform. I doubt if you'll come out with a slogan that embodies what is truly the Philippines.


kulas said...

It is not how hard you try but how well you do your job. The project was obviously not thought through. Anyone who knows how to implement a project know that you simply cannot rush things. Getting excited over the project is no excuse.

That said Vicente R. should have not resigned. That, if one takes the right perspective, was the easy way out. He should have held on and have Lim and Noynoy take the heat they deserved. It was not all his fault after all. Thing of it is - he could not take the heat from inside. The pressure was too hard. They wanted him to take all the heat, the scapegoat.

Don't blame the people(sino bang people ang tukoy mo? Ang common tao, o trapo?) for getting on his case. That is how it is. As if you didn't know.

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