Sunday, May 02, 2010

Tres Babaeros

Finally, the Tres Babaeros have come to Manny Villar's aid. The Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines could not have put it better, "don't vote for candidates endorsed by womanizers." As expected, the trio of Willie Revillame, Manny Pacquiao and Dolphy came out with an ad exalting Villar to high heavens while doing a demolition job on Noynoy Aquino. The common denominator of the three is not their influence on the poor but as abusers of women. But there are statements uttered that deserves attention.

Willie Revillame said, "Mabuti na ang masaktan kesa ang manakit." Maybe Willie has forgotten how much pain he caused by using the desperation of the poor and lured them to a stampede that cost so many lives. Ganyan nga Willie, lokohin mo pa ang mga mahihirap at mangmang. Wala ka nga bang sinaktan? Maybe you should have looked yourself in the mirror and recalled the not so distant tragic past before you uttered these words.

Poor Mr. Dolphy. His children did not fare well in life. This is a person asking us to entrust our children's future in a man whose shady dealings have ruined investors' lives while enjoying a life of bounty. Dolphy sure is a good judge of character. If you are to ask me, I wouldn't believe a person who has children with very troubled lives. It really is so selfish of him to father so many kids he couldn't take care of. Would you now risk our country's future and live it in the hands of a man who have done so many wrongs to investors who trusted him? What about the thousands of informal settlers in Las Piñas? They have no place in any of Villar's plans. Paano mo mabibigyan ng bahay ang walang bahay na Pilipino kung sa mallit mong siyudad ay napakaraming walang tirahan? What about the future of farmers whose lands were converted into subdivisions? Oh com'on.

Lastly, Pacquiao should have studied Aquino's record first before saying na puro laban sa salita pero wala pang nagagawa. He maybe a good boxer but certainly do not know a thing or two about public service. Or maybe mahilig din siyang magbuhat ng sariling bangko. After all, Noynoy works quietly and does his work without much fanfare. Unlike Pacquiao, Noynoy doesn't need hype or publicity. Ikaw Manny, alam kong may nagawa ka na. Ilang "milagro" na ba ang nagawa sa asawa mo? The late Pres. Cory Aquino was never a public servant yet the people put their trust in her. Another bad judge of character, Pacquiao just adores the likes of Chavit Singson and Gloria Arroyo. What a fine lot to be identified with.

Three (in)famous womanizers are appealing to us voters to support a candidate who has muscled his way to riches. They want us to vote for a man who has lied, cheated and abused his position to enrich himself. Will you be swayed by their endorsement? I'd like to believe that the Filipinos are not stupid. Here are three men who have clearly abused women and children by their lifestyle. They are all materially rich but morally bereft. I would never listen to people who have questionable moral values. The Tres Babaeros may have hit it big in their own fields. They maybe richer than most of us. But I can face my family everyday because I have been loyal to them. What counts most in this elections in not just what you have achieved. What counts most is integrity, credibility and sincerity. Villar obviously does not possess these qualities.

Sadly, even the Tres Babaeros will not be able to save Villar's candidacy. Overconfidence brought Villar down. Overselling himself did him in. Villar thought that with the right story, he can become president. He may have gotten away with a lot of things in his rise to power, what he forgot is that there is such a thing as karma. At least he's used to wearing orange. Who knows, he may someday be elected as the BJMP's best dancer and YouTube's next dancing superstar.


Anonymous said...

Don't let your bias get the better of you. I am not voting for Villar but you have to admit, the ad was very good.

Schumey said...

Hehehe, good for nothing.

嘉佩 said...


Anonymous said...

"Mas maganda nang tayo ang tumutulong kaysa tayo ang humingi ng tulong..."---Willie Revillame

In itself, hindi masama ang humingi ng tulong, g**o!

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