Sunday, April 11, 2010

Si Garapal At Si Askal

We woke up to a report of a supposed psychiatric report on Sen. Noynoy Aquino's mental state. Soon the blogosphere was abuzz with matching documents to boot. But before the day ended, it became apparent that the said report was a fabrication. Both Fr. Caluag and the Ateneo Psychology Department denied such report was ever made. ABS-CBN refused to name the source but confirmed that the documents came from two members of Villar's Nacionalista Party, Aquino's rival. The blogger who posted the documents in the net has taken down his blog after the falsity of the report was established. Villar's camp now wants the network to reveal their source.

This was not the first time a psychiatric report on a presidential candidate was used in the campaign. Back in 1992, Miriam Santiago was a victim of such a tactic. Garapal who is considered one of the best operators in the country and whose mere mention of his names makes Miriam's mouth foam in anger, is the one who engineered the propaganda. The father of "dagdag-bawas", Garapal is as creative as Goebbels can be. We all know how Hitler's evil PR man turned Germany into a mess.

The NP has in its pocket, Askal. Now Askal is one rabid individual. He will used whatever means to further his ambitions. He used the unpopularity of GMA to get elected into the senate. Just a few days before before the fake report came out, he was seen on TV declaring Noynoy's team as a bunch of TOPAKs. This opportunist will exploit everybody and anybody who will help him get what he wants. Askal epitomizes what a traditional politician is. I wouldn't be surprised if his team was the one who fabricated the Aquino report.

I am in the belief that Askal got the idea from Garapal. Same tactic, same circumstance but are their parties really different? Or is the rumor of an alliance between their parties really true? Although Askal is as creative as Garapal (ex. taking us for a ride when he went after FG) and could possibly have thought of this on his own. But I think someone fed him this idea and he thought it a a very good tactic to use. NP could always deny it and could simply pass the blame to the Liberal Party. After all, they can claim black propaganda or smear campaign to protect themselves.

Could the use of the same tactics be purely a coincidence or is the rumored alliance be true? If it is true, then the Villaroyo rumor can be true. Villar could very well be GMA's secret candidate. With Garapal firmly behind GMA and Askal rabidly for Villar, the two can easily work together to save their patrons' necks. Both Villar and GMA has many things to explain. Both can face numerous cases when a new president outside their loop is elected. He scratches her back and she scratches his.

Could this theory be true? Is this the link that will finally prove the Villaroyo rumor? The coming days could reveal the truth. I expect both camps to deny it. It's up to the public to see through the two parties. In the kind of political culture we have, an alliance like this is not remote. When both leaders have personal ambitions and necks to protect, they could come together and destroy whoever poses a threat. The use of fabricated reports like this really shows desperation. This is one for the gutters. Only people who "swim in a sea of garbage" will use this strategy instead of sticking to the issues. Iba talaga trumabaho si Grapal at si Askal!