Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Simple Life

I'll the title and photos speak for themselves. Neatly tucked away in the heart of Las Piñas lies the very simple abode of a very simple man who leads a very simple life. Based on his claims, he enjoys simple living. When you finally get to see for yourself how simple he really is, then you might say that poverty does not exist in the Philippines. You might say that poverty is a figment of the Filipinos' imagination. I don't know how this man can claim simplicity without batting an eyelash. If the poor he says he care for so much for can see the size of his estate, they might think they're living in another planet.

Tall tales have been spread by his cronies. Tales that would make your heart sink. His campaign ads are filled with gut-wrenching stories of his rise to fame (or infamy). What was once a small subdivision within a subdivision is now owned by this very simple man. He as managed to acquire the properties in this very small community. He even bought a sizable lot fronting his humble abode so his guests can have a place to park. The owners of the few remaining properties have to abide by his very strict security protocols. After all, with the many lives he has ruined to get to where he is, threats would surely abound. But of course, the endorsement of the supposed protector of the abused have taken away the threat of the left.

Unlike the viral photos of his supposed mansion circulating in the net, these pictures are the real deal. Of course he doesn't live there as he has bought the ancestral home of a prominent political clan in the glitzy area of Wack-Wack. I'm sure he still owns this as this is where he started his empire. Let me remind you however, that this property does not occupy a block but a big part of a small community.

I hope you enjoy the pictures of this very simple home.