Friday, March 19, 2010

The Difference Between Mudslinging and Telling The Truth

While the campaign season reaches its peak, the issue of mudslinging is being raised. There's a world of difference between mudslinging and telling the truth. Villar claims to be a victim or even an underdog as issue after issue is now coming out of the woodwork. Victims of his "deeds" are coming out into the open. The small folks, the poor to be more specific, are coming out one by one to share with the Philippine electorate how Manny Villar and his companies managed to legally(?) grab their lands.

Can you call this mudslinging, negative propaganda or Villar's motherhood claim of pamumulitika? I call this the TRUTH. Anyone who can do basic math will tell you that "Sipag at Tiyaga" will not make you a billionaire in such a short span of time. Unless you are wield power, say like a speaker of the house or a senate president, legally increasing one's wealth cannot be achieved overnight.

Are all these issues hounding Manny Villar part of a grand design to besmirch his immaculate image? Of course not. The people he oppressed are now emboldened to come forward and expose his crimes. Take the case of the poor farmers of Bulacan. Villar's only answer to their accusation is that we check with the Bangko Sentral because all the land titles are there. How convenient it was for the Registry of Deeds to fall prey to a fire completely burning all the records that could prove that lands were indeed stolen from these poor farmers.

The MO is the same with the other issues. Local officials, regional officials and even government agencies all conspired to make it appear that all land transactions and projects were above board. It's high illogical for beneficiaries of the CARP would readily give up the lands they so long fought hard to get. It's also utter stupidity to simply convert prime agricultural lands to upscale subdivisions because these lacked irrigation. Isn't it government priority to make available irrigiation to farmlands?

A person who is haunted by injustices he committed to enrich himself will have to sooner or later face his accusers. What a lame excuse Villar hides behind because his past has now caught up with him. This is the reason why he is massively spending on his presidential bid. Like Gloria Arroyo, only the presidency can save his neck. With his billions, he can do a GMA and buy off the lower house to shield him from impeachment.

So what then do we call all these issues going around accusing Manny Villar of this and that? We call it the truth. It's the truth because victims are now coming out. It's the truth because there are documents that show he actually did the things he is accused of. Is it plain mudslinging then? Are these mere insinuations and allegations? Nah, it's the truth! And it has come out to bite Manny Villar's ass.