Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Motherhood Statements

So desperation has really set in. I never expected Manny Villar to stoop so low. To defend him from the issues hurled against him, he has enlisted the help of his mother. Of course anyone wouldn't dare crossing a crying mother. This is really a cheap gimmick to use in the face of criticisms and charges of impropriety. Villar's propagandists has done a good job, at least for the time being. I expected Mrs. Curita Villar's press conference to be followed by an ad, true enough, it was.

So Villar has used everything to gain our sympathy and for us to turn a blind eye on his transgressions. For children singing to the elderly, Villar will use any means to get himself elected. But will his mother finally stop his critics? I don't think so. In fact, it might have worked if his camp did not use his mother in an ad on television. It reeks of exploitation and they had no qualms about it. Sen. Enrile is right in calling him callous and insensitive. After all, Villar was insensitive enough to use a departed brother to make it appear he was poor. I doubt if Erap'a or Enrile's hearts will be softened by Mrs. Villar's tear-jerking, heart-wrenching statements.

What I really don't get is Villar was arrogant enough to use his position in his indecent dealings but hides behind the skirt of his old mother in the face of the accusations of his critics. I must admit, Mrs. Villar maybe too old to know what her billionaire son has been doing all these years. I got to hand it to Villar's image-builders, they showed how low they can really be. At the end of the day, it all boils down to how Villar had avoided answering the accusations leveled against him.

With this latest stunt, Villar has proven once again how low he really is. He will use anybody to gain sympathy. He wants to look like an underdog with everyone ganging up on him. But did it really work this time around? He has only himself to blame for the position he is in. He may have thought that his wealth can hide the truth. See what happens when one uses too much drama and theatrics in his campaign ads? He placed himself in an indefensible position. He portrayed himself to be something he really was not. He has proven one thing from his latest antics, his mother truly loves him. As the adage says, "he's a billionaire only a mother could love."