Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Accountability and Moving Forward

If we believe that going after crooks in government is mere vengeance, then we'll never get out of the rut we're in. If moving forward is turning a blind eye to the transgressions of outgoing officials, then let's just open the gates of corruption. Gibo Teodoro maybe intelligent but certainly not an agent of change. It utter stupidity not to go after the criminals who brought our institutions down. Gloria may have given him the break in his career but as president, he must uphold the law. To leave it to the people to go after these grafters says much about what kind of public servant he really is.

Look at how the current commissioners of the PCCG are treating the Marcoses. They've literally given them a "pat" on the hand. These bungling buffoons are mere 15/30 employees satisfied with getting paid doing nothing. How can we ever move forward when history keeps repeating itself because we let these hoodlums get away with their loot? There simply is no justice to be had. Erap may have been convicted but look at where he is now?

It's high time we teach these scoundrels a lesson. The elections will decide where this country will head to. We need a leader who will not only inspire us but one who will give us justice. He needs to be committed to the mission of getting back all the monies these thieves stole from our country's coffers. We've already heard them speak. Only a few speaks from the heart. Only a few are willing to end corruption. Only a few are sincere.

We've already lost billions because of these looters. We don't need someone who will let those who brought this country to the brink of destruction go free. Come May 10, vote for someone who you believe will prove that crime does not pay.