Friday, July 23, 2010

Wating for the Big Day

Monday will be a big day. P-Noy will be having his first SONA. This early, hints of what it would contain have been circulating. P-Noy will be revealing the devastation the Arroyo administration left behind its wake. From the depletion of our coffers to the complete erosion of our country's institutions. The nation awaits if Gloria will show her face and try to put on a brave face while P-Noy enumerates and describe how GMA raped the country during her nine long years in the palace. We've heard time and again the many scandals GMA and cohorts were involved in. Perhaps P-Noy's people have unearthed several more.

Knowing GMA, she may skip the SONA. She hates being put on the spot especially since she and her gang have come out with books and commercials that protray her and her administration as unquestionable public servants. So far, we are still feeling the repercussions of their criminal acts. We have yet to feel the actual effects of the devastation they have left behind.

Should she be thick-faced enough and attend, I could almost see her smirk, squirm and even break into a wry smile as if to taunt and belittle the new president. I'm sure P-Noy will be civil but will not hold anything back just so that the true picture of our nation's true state be known. So far, the only thing we know is how huge our deficit is. I won't be shocked anymore of what else P-Noy will reveal.

We have not seen the end of the Arroyo's. Iggy is still around. Dato, thanks to the creation of another district is still in congress. We all know how the COMELEC showed its stupdity an allowed the multi-millionaire Mikey to represent the marginalized. And finally, Gloria is also in congress. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse still wields power. I just hope ti's not enough to bring us back to the dark ages.

The day of reckoning is on Monday. Wahtever P-Noy will be saying, I'll definitely be watching the SONA.