Sunday, September 02, 2007

ZTE-Abalos Golf Tournament

I did not know that ZTE and Ben "Jammin" Abalos held an invitational golf tournament until reports about it hit the papers. Being an avid golfer myself, I know very well what goes on in the fairways between businessmen. Abalos's flimsy attempt at justifying his impropriety is just too much to swallow.

Transactions between "businessmen" during a leisurely round of golf is a normal practice. Deals are closed and concessions are made during the game. Abalos must take us all for fools. This guy had been cheating the Filipino people for so long. This guy is totally bereft of delicadeza that he refuses to step down. He paints himself as the aggrieved party despite the facts and consequences arrayed before him.

He has not learned his lesson well or he simply is thick-skinned. The Lord had sent him signs through the loss of a family member and yet he refuses to change his ways. Just like the disappearing ERs, he made the ZTE contract disappear into thin air to hide the truth. His stricken comrade in the DOJ will no longer be able to defend him, the Lord maybe saying that He's had enough of Gonzalez's antics and to send him to the hospital would save the country from further assault.

I hope those in congress will now entertain the thought of impeaching this COMMISSIONER even just to show their constituents of their sincerity to serve. This could even help the congress's approval rating. I do hope that the next time Abalos would hold a golf tournament, he would get Globe or Smart as his sponsors than get a foreign firm to "sponsor" it. Globe and Smart are equally qualified or maybe they are too cheap for his enterprising ways.