Friday, September 21, 2007

Fashionista Si Gloria

Do we really need all these high-tech projects, GMA has been pushing for? Do we need this so-called cyber highway? Will the poor benefit form this broadband that they are moving heaven and earth just to push this project? I am sure that folks in the far flung barrios do not even know what broadband is. They may even think that this could be some new singing group.

I also asked myself why on earth such a project should be undertaken when it clearly isn't a national priority. The NBN is part Gloria's dream of making the Philippines a first world country. But being "in" doesn't make a country progressive. I would compare it to a social climber who tries to look rich and spends on unnecessary things just to be "in" with the times.

Instead of addressing more pressing problems, GMA spends our taxes on her caprices. But of course there is also the "kickback" factor for a comfortable retirement. Another pet GMA has is the Cyber Education Program. It would be patterned after the cyber education program that Thailand is using. While Thailand has successfully implemented this, the funding is shouldered by the king. Oops, I forgot, we live in the Enchanted Kingdom and we have a Queen.

But in our case, the queen spends the people's money and leaves her loot intact. Much can be desired from this administration. Gloria watches her people die while she makes herself feel good. She would rather make it appear that we are rich while the people wallow in the quagmire of despair. Instead of shooting for the stars, why don't we reach for a more attainable dream? The money must be really good to undertake such a project.

Let's not pretend what we are not. Gloria once accused the poor of having misdirected priorities. She accused the poor that they are hungry because they would rather spend their money on cellphone loads than on food. Well look at who has misdirected priorities now? We don't need her high-tech projects, we need simple solutions to problems which beset the nation today. What we need is a working government that thinks of the people's welfare. We don't need a leader who "sprays tons of deodorant" to hide the stinking truth.

Being "in" for the sake of feeling good is always bad. Delusions of grandeur or social climbing for that matter only makes things worse. Gloria should stop dreaming and start working. She had been dreaming since 2001 and the people have been left wanting. All these talk of high-tech solutions to address simple problems only proves that Gloria the Dreamer would rather be a "fashionista" than a true leader. So what's next, GPS on pedicabs?