Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Polluted Senators

Former ISAPF member Vidal Doble has been called as a polluted witness but administration senators. They picture him as an opportunist and his recantation only proves it. Citing his receiving Php 2 million in exchange for the Garci tapes tells all about Doble, at least that is what they want us to believe.

If Doble is polluted source, isn't Juan P. Enrile Miriam Santiago no different? We may recall that back in the last week of April, 2001, both Enrile and Santiago were seen on top of the stage at the EDSA Shrine. Until the eve of EDSA 3, they were there agitating the Erap supporters. They succeeded in rousing up the crowd that in a few hours, the crowd moved and took siege of Malacanang.

So what makes them different from Doble, the man they say is a polluted witness? They are both the same. Enrile and Santiago both exploited the situation and used the people'S emotional weakness at that particular time. I can't quite recall how many lives were lost that fateful day of May 1, 2001. I can still vividly remember the lone policeman who almost lost his life at the foot of the Sta. Mesa bridge. A mob almost lynched him and was only save by another man who prevented the group from further inflicting injuries on the poor guy.

I remember how the crowd stormed its way to the palace and wreaking havoc along the way. The police were caught flatfooted and the mob almost succeeded in breaching the palace defenses. Now this two has the gall to accuse Doble of being opportunistic and of being a polluted witness. Then what do we call these two dishonorable senators who have blood on their hands?

I say, they are both polluted senators. They both accuse Doble of turning his back on the oath he took as a soldier. I say, Enrile and Santiago also have not upheld their oath as well. They never apologized to those who lost their lives and suffered injuries because of their deceitful rhetorics in EDSA 3. The crowd moved without a soul and pushed only with their hate-filled hearts, all because these two exploited them.

Enrile and Santiago are perfect examples of parasites who greedily feed on those they can exploit. They are both as polluted or may even more polluted than Doble. At least Doble had a conscience to correct the wrong he has done. Enrile and Santiago however never did. All the two did was to apologize to GMA who was threatened but was never in danger as she had the PNP and AFP to defend her.

I suppose they never look in the mirror to ask themselves if they are worthy of anything. If we have polluted witnesses, we also have polluted senators. They are senators who have nothing in mind than to exploit the people and abuse their position. I hope the MMDA sweeps them off to the dump and finally rid us of polluted public servants.