Friday, September 14, 2007

ZTE, Gloria And Joey

I believe that Joey De Venecia is telling the truth about this scandalous ZTE deal. But if I may add, up to a certain point only. What got me thinking is his clearing GMA and JDV in connection with this. He said that he confronted Abalos after he dropped the names of GMA and JDV during their meeting with ZTE officials in China, and he even referred to GMA as his president.

Its impossible for Abalos to go at this alone. With Neri confirming he was offered a bribe and the insistence of GMA to push through with this deal speaks volumes about who are the parties involved here. The grossly overpriced project has been hugging the headlines for several weeks now and Joey de Venecia's exposes had made it more interesting.

Gloria only the other day said that we should not rescind and must honor our contract with the Chinese, this came at the heels of the Supreme Court issuing a TRO on the NBN deal. Despite the revelations on the deal, and the loss of the contract, why should we honor a nonexistent agreement? She witness the signing of the deal, a president would always know the agreements we enter into. Even Neri approved the project.

I am not questioning the revelations made by Joey de Venecia, what I found strange is how he protects GMA. Abalos cannot claim to be the most powerful man during the elections as we did not have a presidential election this year and he cannot in any way twist Gloria's arm. Another question that bothers me is why GMA supported JDV and not his partymates in Kampi? Now comes JDV's son practically absolving her of any involvement in this anomalous deal.

Its so convenient to lose the contract to prevent any scrutiny. The assertions of the government's legal counsels that the deal is aboveboard without anything to back it up is also illogical. There seems to be a plot to make a sacrificial lamb of Abalos. Those protecting GMA want the buck to stop with Abalos, preventing this scandal to reach Malacanang's doorstep.

I am sure Abalos had the blessings of the palace. Its impossible and just too brazen for him to move on his own. Members of the cabinet were too accommodating to him. The 180 degree turn of Neri is a sign that somebody bigger was pulling the strings. Neri vigorously opposed the project and yet approved it. I believed Joey when he first came out but the more he speaks, the more I question some of his statements.

Well, he is prepared to face Abalos in court and only then will we see the entire picture. I will remain skeptical with Joey's motives, after all, JDV can still run for president in 2010.