Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Challenge To All

While I am happy to see justice done and from what I read in the decision, the justices took pain in really studying the merits of the case. While there are still some unclear points, the decision to my humble interpretation was just.

As I saw different reactions to Erap's conviction, I couldn't help but ask myself if those who were so determined in Erap's prosecution be as determined when its GMA's turn? While I saw how proud both public and private prosecutors were of their accomplishment, would they be selective as well?

What happened to Erap should be not just a lesson but a challenge to all. Not just our institutions to ourselves as well. We should all make it our advocacy to make our leaders accountable for their actions during their terms. We should ask them to be transparent in their every decision. Let us not allow them to eternally hide behind the curtain of immunity and technicality.

The Ombudsman on its own initiative may conduct investigations on "all" public officials even the president. While they may not prosecute, they can however submit their findings to congress that in turn could initiate impeachment proceedings. This is if the Ombudsman is impartial and just.

Congress on the other hand should be independent if ever a meritorious complaint is presented to them. They should first be our servants before they serve someone else. They should be the first ones to submit to due process and the rule of law. Any sign that our are remiss in their sworn duties, we should and without hesitation call their attention.

Erap's crimes is just but a speck compared to the anomalies that this administration had been accused of. Its time we shed our biases and work together for good governance, justice and equality, transparency and accountability from our leaders. Let us look beyond personalities and focus on the issues at hand. With our intitutions in disarray, its all up to us to do our part. Only when we turn our backs on the culture of apathy and self-indulgence would our country move forward.