Sunday, September 09, 2007

Doble Decks Gordon

As he promised in his interviews, Dick(head) Gordon wasted no time in impeaching Vidal Doble's credibility. Acting like a true GMA defender, he used everything in his book of dirty tricks to try and take Doble out.

The cool, calm and collected Doble was just too smooth for Gordon's tirades. He answered every attack Gordon threw at him with sober replies. Gordon used sarcasm and subtle insults to try and pull Doble's goat and failed miserably. This round goes to Doble leaving Gordon smarting a bruised ego and a big black eye.

Now the "Dick" wants Doble jailed for perjury because he lied in his first affidavit, the CA hearings and in the investigations in the lower house. But witnesses have been known to recant and even nail the perpetrators. Instead of ferreting out the circumstances behind the wiretapping, Gordon focused on Doble's personal life. Instead of focusing on the job at hand, he veered away and focused his energies on Doble. Gordon never came close to proving Doble is a polluted source.

So this is the kind of senator Dick Gordon is. He will throw sanity and public interest out the window and defend a president whose legitimacy is in question. Instead of sticking to his covenant with the people, he protects only one person. Is this the kind of guy who intends to run for president in 2010? We don't need people like him in any public office. He thinks only of himself and anybody who can buy him his position.

I don't know about you, as for me, I will never vote for a guy like Dick Gordon. But thanks to his antics, he has shown his true color and has lessened my choices for 2010.