Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Skyline PIG-eon Fly

So at the eve of the senate hearing on the scandalous ZTE deal, Mike Arroyo quietly slipped out of the country last night. All the palace said what its a private trip. At the senate today, Jose de Venecia III named Mike Arroyo as the mystery man in that reconciliatory meeting he had with Ben Abalos in Wack Wack Country Club. He even re-enacted how Mike Arroyo pointed a finger at him and told him to back off.

The old adage said, "flight is an admission of guilt" and like his friend Joc-joc Bolante, Mike conveniently ducked the flak and left. No one knows where his wings will take him. The senate's arm cannot reach him now and unlike members of the executive, he cannot invoke EO 464 or MC 108. He after all as he claims to be, a private citizen.

For the first time, someone had directly connected him to one of the biggest scams this administration has been linked to. And to make matters worse, Alan Peter Cayetano now heads the Blue Ribbon Committee. In the senate, Mike has only a handful of protectors. So the winds of fate has changed. The once persecuted senator now has Mike by the balls.

As expected, one of GMA's puppies, Brenda wasted no time in defending her master. She said that Joey is a front for unknown parties out to kick GMA from office. She even insinuated that this "campaign" must be expensive. She insists that Joey should present evidences to proves his claims. I hope GMA and her cohorts look for another alibi as the destabilization accusation never worked.

The Tres Hunyangos also came to Mike's defense with Iggy leading the way. This guy had the gall to call Joey a "law violator" and should not be believed. Look who's talking? Isn't Iggy a tax evader? The two sons, Dato the congressman of the military and Mr. Horsey Mickey said that their big daddy can take care of himself and they do not need to lawyer for him. How true, what do you know about law anyway? Better to keep your mouths shut as you might dig your father's grave.

Now that the speculations have ended and the mystery man finally exposed, this should be a lesson to Mike. You may fool the people some time but not all the time. So the PIG-eon has flown the coop. Flying to some distant land where he can avoid being questioned the very man he wanted banished from congress. Fly away, skyline PIG-eon fly...pray that you don't land in place where we have an extradition treaty with.