Monday, September 17, 2007

Clash Of The Titans

It seems there is no turning back, the line on the sand had been drawn. Unless the winds of fate change, GMA and JDV are heading into a collision course. Joey de Venecia, the "fights" promoter has been issuing statements that has placed GMA's henchmen in such a bad light. Today, he could just spill the beans on someone very close to Gloria, could it be someone "very" close to her? (want to find out who? check the comments on my previous post)

Imagine the devastation this scandal is going to leave behind with Gloria sitting right in the epicenter. The war of the words has ended and the real confrontation begins. Abalos will just be another piece in the puzzle and someone's ass is definitely going to be fried. Will JDV and GMA find a way to settle this out of the wide eyes of the peering public? I don think so, GMA must now face the lynch mob who's been waiting for the right time to pounce on her and her gang.

Unless Joey has an ax to grind with is father, JDV despite his tarnished image could just be turned into a hero by his son. This novel had taken a life of its own. Not only are the people watching with mouths agape, the US has expressed its interest as well. Is Gloria slipping from America's grace? We are aware even if we deny it, that America has a great influence especially with the presidency.

Who do you think will reign supreme, GMA or JDV? Should GMA push this deal, we the people are the biggest losers. We are caught in the crossfire of two giants(?) whose integrity lie in the gutters. With revelations coming trickles, we are slowly seeing the big picture. The blatant attempt to fill their pockets, the players are slowly being exposed.

We could still trace the root of this fiasco, an ambitious wannabe and a greedy leprechaun fighting for money and power. One is still trying to reach his unreachable star and the other trying to increase her "tanker" of gold. The titans will soon butt heads and I'm very sure both will have massive headaches. Will JDV finally come clean? I don't think so, a trapo will always be a trapo. As for GMA, well, this could just land her in a place where her "throne" is by her bedside.

Well, Joey, the floor is yours. Speak and make us proud. Make us believe in your conviction to rid us of corrupt officials. Nail the leeches who have been draining our nation's coffers. Now someone jittery is floating the amnesty balloon very liberally for all her kingdom's enemies, perhaps in anticipation of her future incarceration. Let the clash of the titans begin.