Thursday, August 30, 2007

Gordon's Anti-pollution Campaign

I caught Richard Gordon's interview the other day. I found his response quite funny as it showed how a defense lawyer thinks. He clearly isn't a senator searching for the truth but a defense attorney who is lawyering for the illegitimate occupant of Malacanang. The interview was all about the Doble testimony.

He asked why rely on a POLLUTED witness? He was referring to none other than T/Sgt. Vidal Doble of the famous Graci tapes. He said that Doble is not a credible witness since he received money in exchange for the tape. So what if he did? His bosses are making money, why can't he? Follow the leader 'di ba? I suppose now Doble realized how "accommodating" Esperon and the ISAFP can be. When your life is threatened and your family in peril, its human nature to seek refuge elsewhere and reveal the aces up your sleeve.

Gordon's demeanor clearly shows how (in)dependent he is. Any defense lawyer would impeach a hostile witness if he can prove the accused's culpability. Miriam looked more sane than he did after this interview. He is better off keeping his mouth shut or lose whatever image he has for 2010.

Hey Mr. Gordon, stick with the Red Cross, it will give you free media mileage for your presidential bid. Better yet, push for genuine electoral reforms than protecting someone who's on her way out. You are in the senate to keep the abuses of the executive in check, not to be part of Gloria's defense panel. Raul Gonzalez wouldn't want anyone taking his rewarding job away from him.