Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Former President Joseph Estrada was found guilty for the crime of plunder. Jinggoy Estrada and Atty. Edward Serapio were acquitted of the same crime as the prosecution failed to prove that they had conspired with Erap. Erap was however acquitted of the perjury case.

The entire decision was not read as per the request of the defense panel. Erap was ordered to forfeit in favor of the government the Boracay mansion, the funds of the Erap Muslim Foundation, and the Jose Velarde account.

Erap has yet to decide whether to appeal for a motion of reconsideration or appeal to the Supreme Court. He will be confined in Tanay for the meantime.

*Erap was found guilty on two: Juenteng Protection and BW Scam.

The details of the decision is yet to be made available. You may check the Sandigan website for the details.