Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Next Stop, GMA And Her Gang

I found the Sandigan decision quite acceptable although I have some questions in my mind. Like I said, let the courts convict if it warrants and acquit if there was really nothing to convict. Well they did find merits which led to the conviction.

Now that the hearings are over and Erap has been convicted, this should serve as a warning to those who are in power. Due process was followed even if there are claims that it has political undertones. Erap was found guilty based on documentary evidences which clearly showed the paper trail.

This however is just the first step at making our public SERVANTS accountable for any wrongdoing they may have committed during their tenure. I also deplore the selective justice which our supposed-to-be guardians of our laws practice.

I suppose now that it has been proven that it was Atong Ang and Chavit Singson who conspired in getting the Tobacco Excise Tax which deprived our tobacco farmers of much needed support, the courts must now run after Ang and Singson. But they are not just the ones our law must prosecute.

The courts must also address the IMPSA bribery which beneficiary is former DoJ secretary Hernanin Perez. Information and evidence revealed that he pocketed $2million. When are they going to prosecute him? And of course there is the case of Joc-joc Bolante who diverted more than Php 700million of fertilizer funds to bankroll the presidential campaign of GMA.

Corruption disguised in the form of negotiated deals/treaties like the Northrail and the ZTE should also be looked into. The P 350million Jose Pidal account should be re-investigated to finally find out where this money really came from. Is it excess campaign contribution or an accumulation of dirty money?

Gloria and her allies maybe safe for now but they will have to face the music one of these days. We must hold all of them accountable for the plunder of our country. No one should be above the law and justice applies to all. Our leaders owe this to us. They should not hide behind immunities which they dictate. Good governance is all about the rule of law.

Our leaders should learn from Erap. They all should learn to take the hits and face the consequences. If they don't, well we can still do something about it and they might not like it.