Thursday, September 27, 2007

Breaking Down Sen. Trillanes

So now the mandate of the people does not exist. Despite not being convicted, Sen. Sonny Trillanes is barred from performing his duty as a servant of the people. I thought all the while that all are presumed innocent until proven guilty. I suppose this dimwit of a judge is expecting an appointment from GMA to a higher position that is why he refuses to allow Sonny to even meet with his staff in his detention cell.

I am sure Esperon and Gloria is still smarting from slaps the election of Trillanes gave them last May. And this harassment is the only way they can get back at the senator. Even a simple meeting was denied by his marine custodian citing the lack of a court order. Maybe the judge wants Trillanes to lick his butt.

I can understand if media access is not allowed. But barring his staff, Sen. Pong Biazon and Civil Service Commission head Karina David is a totally different story. So the hearing of the Senate Committee on Civil Service and Reorganization had to be canceled. Jalosjos who was convicted of rape was even allowed to construct a burger stand and a tennis court in Muntinlupa, and yet Trillanes whose only fault is standing up for what is right is being treated in this manner.

We are not talking of a barangay captain or a mere congressman, we are talking of a nationally elected senator. He is was LEGITIMATELY elected by more than 11 million people unlike the one pretending to be a president and a whimp pretending to be a general. This judge must be so envious of Trillanes that he will do anything to be famous. I cannot see any reason why Sen. Trillanes should be prevented from performing his duty from inside his cell. A meeting with his staff can be likened to a visit. Inmates are accorded this right and in some cases, conjugal visits are even allowed.

I do not see additional expenses incurred as I am sure that his staff will bring with them food and the necessary items they will be using during their meeting. It also wouldn't be a security problem as I am sure that proper screening by the guards will be conducted and no one is that dumb to try anything inside a military camp.

So what is the fuzz all about? Its all about breaking the will of Trillanes to kneel and beg before the illegitimate leader. Its all about psyching out the senator to finally give up his fight for what his principles dictate. Its all about the pain and nightmares he continue to give GMA and ESperon. And its all about a judge who hopes to be rewarded by Gloria someday.

If you are one of those who voted for Sen. Trillanes and would like him to serve you, his constituents, email him at