Monday, September 24, 2007

Cuddling The Corrupt

Speaker Joe de Venecia has managed to stave off the attack of GMA's clones. With a solid backing of his Lakas hardliners and the possible alliance with the opposition, JDV took round 1. GMA may have the power but she can't put her position on the line. So despite the rhetorics of her allies, they can't just push JDV around.

GMA, in a bid to kill the NBN investigation, announced the SUSPENSION of the ZTE deal. If I remember right, a TRO had already been issued by the Supreme Court and GMA's announcement is but a ploy. But Joey de Venecia had already opened the Pandora's box and the Blue Ribbon Committee will not be duped into closing its hearings just yet. In the thick of it all, Romulo Neri, former NEDA chief, holds the key to the entire fiasco.

As of late, Neri has been "invisible" but would definitely attend the hearing on Wednesday to explain his part on the ZTE deal. He had said in his last interview that a bribe was indeed offered and had reported it to Gloria. And Gloria told him not to accept the bribe BUT approve the deal anyway. So Gloria had knowledge of the bribe but did not even lift a finger to run after the briber. Isn't this contrary to her policy of stamping out corruption?

The entire nation will be waiting for what Neri has to say. The inaction of GMA on the attempted bribe will not escape the peering eyes of the senate. For sure this will be another issue that will be thrown at her. No wonder, Neri is under heavy guard, they need to apply pressure on the poor guy to make sure he says the RIGHT things. Clearly the only threats to Neri's safety will come from the administration.

Gloria clearly has a hand in this. Its her neck that is at stake now. She will definitely be implicated in this scandal. She pushed for its approval despite the report of an attempted bribe. Its obvious that she is cuddling the corrupt. So the buck does not stop with Abalos, nor with Mendoza, it clearly stops with Mike Arroyo and Gloria.

Karma is catching up with her. Slip up after slip up is slowly wringing her neck. Certainly this will be another nail in her coffin. She knows this and could probably spell disaster for her. So who's next? Erap maybe home by Christmas, could the Arroyos still be in the palace by that time? The NBN scandal has created a lot of anxiety for the Arroyos and Luli's reaction shows it all. So the wheel of fortune has turned full circle, Gloria the cuddler of the corrupt is next in line.