Tuesday, September 11, 2007

From Hello Garci To Hello Medy

Gloria may have a "Hello Garci but Bishop Socrates Villegas has a "Hello Medy" for him. This is none other than Remedios Poblador is one of GMA closest friends. Her name cropped up during the joint senate hearings on the Hello Garci scandal. Sen. Noynoy Aquino submitted a letter sent by Bishop Villegas in his inability to attend the hearing.

Doble said that Villegas was the one who brought him fron the San Carlos Seminary to the residence of Gen. Abu. Villegas in his letter narrated how Medy called him up to seek his help in extricating Doble from the seminary. Fearing that violence might erupt and endanger the seminarians there, Villegas agreed to help.

Its no wonder that the administration allies would rather not hear any of what Doble had to say. The more Doble speaks, the more are implicated in this scandal. So who exactly is Remedios Poblador? Why does she wield such immense power? Did she act alone and on her own prerogative? Does she have the PNP or the AFP under her supervision?

Is Cardinal Roasales hiding something as wel? We may recall how he disagrees on reopening the Hello Garci investigation. With Villegas coming out, Rosales being the head of the church must have known about this as well. Its no wonder why he is very much against it as he too maybe implicated in the mess. Poor Bishop Villegas, he may well have been an unwitting pawn in this.

With GMA's allies in the senate failing miserably to discredit Doble, the palace will now employ everything in its arsenal of dirty tricks to stall the investigations. But wait, Globe and Smart may bring something else into the picture. Doble claimed that both providers were party to the illegal acts of the ISAPF. The next hearings may open a can of worms. The AFP is notorious at intimidation and harassment. These could lead to coercion making wiretapping possible.

The palace will nver allow Medy Poblador to appear in any hearing. They will once again invoke EO 464 and the newer MC 108. The case is heading for another collision with the palace. The Supreme Court's resolve will once again be put to the test. The Hello Garci has gone a long way and has created a new controversy, its now Hello Medy. Will she too drop out of sight and fade into night? I hope not, its high time we get to the bottom of things and put closure in this controversy. But as they always say, what are we in power for?