Thursday, September 20, 2007

No ReHab For Greed

As I expected, Luli joined the fray and took stabs at Joey de Venecia. She said that her family never meddled in any government contract. I am sure because your mother's henchmen do the dirty work for her. She even goes further and attcks Joey's receding hairline. I never heard Joey call her father a domesticated pig. But this childish retort from is nothing compared to her other comments.

She then calls Joey an addict, yes an addict. They even said that Joey de Venecia had gone into rehab twice. I don't really care as I have worked with reformed addicts. I witnessed how hard it is to bounce back from this problem. People I've worked with had to regain their self esteem and regain the trust of those around him.

I couldn't care less if Joey indeed was a one time addict. What is important is how he got back on his feet and turned himself into what he is now. I also do not agree to the insinuations that Joey is being used or even sourgraping for the contract loss, its the oldest response in the book to hide a crime. Its all part of an orchestrated attempt to discredit a direct witness.

I am sure that Mike Arroyo's camp will present witnesses to debunk Joey's claims. They have had enough time payoff waiters and even personalities to hide the truth. The next days, more dirt will be hurled against Joey. More personal stuff about him will come out and the concerned personalities will do anything to destroy Joey.

After all is said and done, a rehab gives a new lease on life for anyone wanting to change for the better. There are rehabs for almost all addictions which inflict harm on a person and society. There are rehabs for the alcoholics, there are rehabs for drug users, there rehabs for the mentally disturbed. The list of rehabs goes on and on. Everyday, a new addiction is discovered and a rehabilitation program for such is developed.

But in all the the years that passed, there was and will never be a rehab for greed. Greed is is even older than prostitution. Greed will never be subdued by any law nor rehab. So you see Luli, people who go to rehabs are those who want to reform. A greedy person will never reform, he just develops more lust for everything. Greed can only be shed if the person dies or if imprisoned for life.