Monday, September 17, 2007

Of Common Sense And Nonsense

After watching the senate hearing today on the Garci tapes, I can now see that a diploma nor a law degree does not mean one is intelligent. Surprisingly, Joker today was meek as a lamb. Probably still smarting from the embarrassing encounter he had with Vidal Doble the last time around. So he let a deranged senadora, a liar and an uncouth presidentiable bang Doble around.

But despite the bullying and the stupid enuendos, Doble pretty much held his own with the more intelligent senators giving him leeway to explain himself. With Brenda and Dickhead taking snipes at him and the Mr. Electricity joining the fray, Doble as I saw him was holding his anger back. He took the jabs in stride and rolled with the punches.

Brenda called him a "lineman" and yet the palace scrambled its shock troops and airlifted a bishop just to get hold of Doble. An inconsequential lineman wouldn't get such attention from GMA if he doesn't know anything about the cheating in 2004. For someone who claims to be brilliant and an exceptional judge, she sure does not have the wisdom nor the common sense to see the real picture. Its funny how she insisted that Doble had loads of cash that he can afford to go to ktv bars. Doble said that the clubs he frequented where in the Kamias and 15th Ave. areas in Quezon City. I can tell you outright that these bars are the cheap ones you see filled with ordinary laborers. I should know, I checked out those places. These are the sleazy and dirty bars that a cash-load person will never visit.

Dickhead continued with his usual below-the-belt comments that a true blue Atenean will never do. As I expected, Dickhead was playing to the gallery and the media. What a pathetic way to campaign for his presidential bid. I laughed as he gazed around the hall, trying to look for affirming nods from those who were watching the proceedings. He may have thought that the gallery appreciates what he is doing. I could see some senators visibly irked by his antics. The poor fellow just doens't know when to quit, he hasn't learned his lessons well.

Enrile, the village idiot took a different route. He presented the affidavits Doble executed before when he was still un the "custody" of the ISAPF. He insisted and persisted to try and crack Doble. He tried to force Doble to admit to the statements Doble wrote under duress. The three ganged up on Doble and did not even attempt to be civil. They displayed how paid hacks treat the enemies of their master. They even berrated Doble for following unlawful orders from his superiors. Brenda told him that she should have questioned his superiors. Kung 'di ka ba naman tonta, Doble doesn't want to be charged with insubordination or mutiny.

Bereft of decency, they showed how money can make sense out of nonsense. At the end of the day, the public will see through their ploy and no matter how hard they try to fool the people, they will never succeed. Unlike them, we use our brains and can discern what is the truth and lie which they insist to be true. They may be brilliant lawyers but after what they displayed today, Lito Lapid seems to have more brains than they do. Now that's really scraping the bottom of the barrel. Hindi kami uto -uto, we are not brainless like you and wisdom has not escaped us.