Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Spineless Piece Of S**t

I had may potato chips ready, my burgers and cold soda beside me. I even canceled all my activities for the day. So there I sat in front of the TV and tuned in to ANC. After preparing myself for the special feature on the senate hearings yesterday, I was so dismayed at how Neri turned out to be a farce and the Judas to Abalos. Of course I wanted to finally see Abalos squirm, but that is only one part of my wish.

Now it is confirmed, Romulo Neri is nothing but a spineless piece of s**t. So much for the hero-come-lately tag. It seems the RAT (as Manuel Buencamino refers to him) was after all going to leave Abalos to be devoured by the senators. Invoking executive privilege, Neri ducked the questions regarding what transpired after he informed Gloria of the 200(bowls of soup no. 5) bribe offered to him by Abalos. He chose to save his queen.

All the hope that the people had went pffft. Neri, sitting in a pool of his own excrement, gave in to pressure and toed the government plan to nail Abalos and save GMA. In the end, the calls of different sectors, including his schoolmates went unheard. Neri chose to stick it out with his illegitimate president. He clearly forgot who he is really serving. He forgot what his alma mater taught him regarding honesty, integrity and decency.

At the end of the day, he buckled and delivered himself to the arms of corruption. He allowed himself to be used and abused by his master. He now will forever walk that lonely path, alone and shunned by the people he let down. It saddens me that he just let his chance pass without hesitation. It would not have been financially rewarding, but he could have been remembered as a morally upright personality. Now he is nothing but a spineless piece of S**T!