Monday, September 10, 2007

Who's Afraid Of Karma?

As the nation awaits the Sandigan's verdict on Erap, someone in the palace is obviously jittery to the point of paranoia. As if haunted by how she and her husband grabbed power in 2001, she now orders the deployment of 6,000 members of our security forces. Is it overkill or an act of desperation?

Past events and surveys have been sending alarming messages to GMA which has led to her paranoia. She is now caught between a rock and a hard place. To convict Erap would legitimize her ascension to power. But a dismissal would now include a constitutional question and would open her to accusations of mounting a coup.

She is now in a bind and whatever the outcome of the case would be, its a lose-lose situation for her. Gloria sure got herself entangled in such a mess that she has painted herself to s corner. Months before, the palace had been asking for sobriety and trying its best to condition the mind of the people.

Gloria obviously has been rattled and succeeding scandals have rocked her administration. Worms are moving out of the woodwork that put her on the defensive. She started on the wrong foot and the growing dismay of the public is just too much for her and her allies. Karma is slowly creeping in. She thought that simply unseating Erap will do the trick. Instead of using due process to take down Erap, she and her husband decided to hasten things up and get rid of Erap in any way possible.

Erap is no saint and deserved to be face the charges against him. He submitted himself to the mercy of the courts unlike Gloria who hides behind unconstitutional EOs and buys off allies to protect her. Now I realized how despite accusations, Erap is a better person than Gloria.

What goes around, comes around and karma will always find a way to collect ones dues. So who's afraid of karma, only those who have done wrong. Those who like GMA have committed injustice. Gloria is too afraid to find out what karma has in store for her? Everything she has done will soon catch up ad bite her sorry ass.