Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Red Ribbon Committee

In the light of NBN-ZTE scandal, GMA has formed her "Red Ribbon Committee". It's tasked with discrediting whistleblower, Jun Lozada. The Ombudsman and the PAGC instead of investigating the officials involved in the botched deal is now running after Lozada. Its started with the NBI raiding Jun Lozada's office in search of documents that would pin down Lozada of anomalies. Because Lozada chose the right path, he must now face Gloria's Red Ribbon Committee. Highly similar to "red Tape" that makes life difficult for the people, this committee will try to make life miserable for the hapless Lozada.

The committee headed by her trustworthy dog, Raul Gonzalez is now running after Lozada. Raul's co-chair is none other than Sergio Apostol who just loves everything Chinese. They have a very incredible witness in person of Miriam Santiago who during the senate hearings, exposed Jun's little secrets. Lozada admitted to it and actually publicly confessed and asked the nation for forgiveness for his small indiscretions.

So instead of running after the big guns like Nani Perez, Joc-Joc Bolante, Ben Abalos and Big Boy, they run after the one who exposed Gloria's crimes. The Ombudsman and the PAGC who's been boasting of successfully snaring small fries is on the Red Ribbon's operations as well. GMA's brand of "full force of the law" is actually using the PNP to kidnap witnesses that could nail the conjugal grafters. Ah, yes, that's Gloria's justice for you.

Now that the Red Ribbon committee's operation is in full swing, expect the expected. The thieves will run free and the whistleblower castrated. No wonder Romy Neri refuses to divulge what he knows, a whistleblowers life is a life of persecution and misery. Might as well "moderate the greed" than earn the ire of the GMA. Neri wouldn't want Gloria's Spanish inquisition investigating him.

So what else is new in Gloria's enchanted kingdom? Unless the people finally rise in disgust, we will all have to swallow GMA's bitter pill and cower in fear unless of course the nation finally regains its balls and throw this administration out of office.