Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Dumber and Dumbest

PNP Chief Avelino Razon this afternoon showed what our generals are made of. Pinky Webb did not waste anytime devouring him. Pinky asked him who took custody of NBN-ZTE witness Rodolfo Lozada? He was hesistant to reply at first and answered, the PNP. When asked if he knew the PO4 Valeroso who picked up Lozada, he said that the officer is not a member of the police roster. Pinky followed up if he knew of the operation. Lo and behold, my jaw dropped when he replied that he learned about it only this morning.

What the F**K? Is this guy for real? Pinky then asked if this is normal in the way the PNP conducts business. Officers can do anything without his knowledge and simply report their operation later? Razon claimed that Lozada asked for police protection through his brother (whom Razon cannot identify).He added that the PSPO took custody of Lozada as its is the proper division that addresses these cases. Pinky followed through and asked if the PSPO can just pick up Lozada without his orders? The absurd reply was, the PSPO was too busy in securing Lozada that they did not have time to ask for his permission. WTF? The interview ended with Razon faking that he has to go and attend to more important work.

Last night, the worried family of Lozada went on air to plead to those who have him to please return him to his family. They also claimed that they received a text message from Lozada that he was being kidnapped. Also today, the family of the "protected" Lozada is set to file a writ of habeas corpus to compel the police to produce Lozada. This is not an action of a family who is seeking police protection. If Lozada wanted to be protected, his family would be the first to know and would have coordinated with the authorities.

I don't know what Razon would say next. He has succeeded in making a total fool of himself on tv. This is what happens when one is caught with his pants down. No amount of lying would ever undo the mess he made. I am sure the palace will soon issue another stupid statement to cover up in the blunder they committed. Razon sure has his head stuck in his ass.

One thing is clear, Lozada has the goods on the NBN-ZTE scandal. No other personality is scared shitless of what Lozada knows than the tenants of Malacanang. This blunder is which followed the Arroyos' miscalculation in ousting JdV will definitely give GMA a humongous headache. I suppose she will soon have to visit St. Luke's Hospital. I suppose I should re-title this post: Too Many Cuckoos In The Dodo's Nest

*As of this writing, the brother of Jun Lozada has denied that any of their siblings requested for protection. As for Razon, he continues to lie through his ass by sticking to the web of lies he had been peddling.