Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Leaving Its Flock To The Wolves

After having an emergency meeting, the CBCP with its donation-riddled members did not call for the resignation of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. Obviously, there are more envelopmental bishops than morally upright ones. Hiding behind the doctrine of separation of church and state, the CBCP says it is up to the people's communal action. Malacañang obviously will be happy with the CBCP statement as her allies in the CBCP has shielded her from the more activist ones.

The statement basically leaves everything to GMA's discretion. They ask her and her officials to lead in combating corruption. We all know her track record when it comes to fighting corruption. If she has done her job, we wouldn't be hearing of different scandals and exposes. The senate wouldn't be investigating government deals if GMA is doing her job.

They also asked her to abolish EO 464 and allow her officials to face senate inquiries an investigations. We all know that Gloria will never do this. It's suicide for her as I am sure that more crimes will be unearthed. And even if Gloria allows her men to appear before investigations, they will merely do cover-up after cover-up and we will still be in the rut we're in. No criminal in her right mind would shoot herself in the head (in the foot maybe, never the head).

They also asks the senate and the Ombudsman to use their powers to fight corruption. I am sure that the senate has been doing just that despite accusations of grandstanding. I however do not think the ombudsman is doing the same. The DoJ and even PAGC has sat on cases involving allies of Gloria. The CBCP also requests the media to be objective in its reporting. I am sure that the media has been doing just its work in all honesty. That is the reason why all these scandals have been exposed, the media is doing its job to inform the people.

The last point the CBCP emphasized is for us, the people to cultivate a culture of truth and integrity. It seems that the CBCP has not heard our calls. They refer to it as a new version of People Power. Through People Power, we have been learned and advocated change. The ones who never learned are the people who benefit from our efforts. Our leaders never learned from People Power. I suppose those bishops should look at themselves in the mirror and tell themselves that some of them are not truthful nor persons of integrity. On only a handful of bishops have the moral ascendancy to lead its flock.

Basically, the statement has no bearing nor of any importance. To call on a criminal, the "boss" at that to spearhead change is totally illogical. You've never seen a mafia boss rat on her own people. Is the CBCP feeding us to the wolves? I suppose we should not wait for them anymore as they are more concerned of their investments than their flock. GMA has succeeded in destroying every institution in the country. Some bishops obviously need to moderate their greed as well. No wonder nuns and priests are lambasting the bishops for their inaction and stand.

So the shepherds of men have led their flock into the den of wolves. They are no different from the high priests who crucified Christ. Money does change everything and the church is not immune to it. I just pray that those bishops who actually have integrity and principle would come out and lead us out of this hell that Gloria, her gang and her high priests have imprisoned us.