Monday, February 11, 2008

Where The Guilty Fear To Tread

The 10-hour senate hearing affirmed everyone's belief that the government is guilty of covering up. So the spin meisters of the palace will once again go on a media blitz to try and divert the attention away from the issues confronting it. One thing that was established is how the administration effectively evades the subpoenas of the senate. And instead of answering the queries in the halls of the senate, the palace would play on the media to explain its side. Away from the incriminating questions hurled at them by the senators.

The past few days came in a blur. Lozada was able to meet everything thrown at him. He was even to destroy the fishing rods of administration senators. In the end, Gloria's allies were left in tatters. Lozada proved too credible to even chip his armor. Even Joker was put on the spot. To arrest the situation, his only option was to go ballistic on the hapless Lozada. Mike Defensor could do nothing but to own up to what Lozada has testified on. He was the only administration witness who had the balls to admit truthfully what he and Jun discussed.

Lito Atienza failed miserably to sow intrigue. He was consistently blocked by the senators. Throughout the hearing, he mumbled the same things over and over again. Avelino Razon looked like a wimp. He looked like a dog running after its tail. Atty. Bautista got a beating as well. The poor lawyer was obviously in cahoots with the palace in twisting Lozada's arms. He was part of the mafia holding Lozada hostage. Manny Gaite was a bit player. His staff were the ones the senate should have invited as they were the ones responsible for Lozada's travel papers.

But the ones who shared first prize were Col. Macariñas and Gen. Atutubo. Both had a hard time covering up Lozada's kidnapping. They were such bad liars that they could even make it to the show America's Dumbest. In the end, what was established was how scared Gloria was of the senate. All she can rely on are her tongressmen in the lower house. The senate was just too wily and too rich to buy off. Of course, there are senators too whose greed is unsatiable as their lower house counterparts.

So the senate has proven its worth once again. I am sure the palace will once again call it grandstanding. They will accuse the senate of politicking and destabilizing. Ah yes, the senate is where the guilty fear to tread. And Malacanang can put out all kinds of spin, but the Filipinos are not biting. We are too intelligent to be taken in by their lies and deceit.