Friday, February 08, 2008

Moderate The Greed

"Moderate the greed" was what CHED commissioner and former NEDA director Romulo Neri ordered Jun Lozada to do. Lozada did not elaborate on the matter but it was clear when Lozada spoke of a dysfunctional government procurement system. If I were to be asked what "moderate the greed" means, it only shows that corruption is an accepted practice in government. The Presidential Anti-Graft Commission is nothing but a propaganda tool of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

Gloria and her administration continues to brag about their anti-corruption campaign. What Jun Lozada confirmed is that only the small fries are severely dealt with. The big crocodiles are left untouched. When a cabinet secretary condones such practice, it only affirms that the entire Arroyo is reeks of corruption. While Lozada has bravely come out to divulge what he knows, the gutless bimbo, Romy Neri continues to evade testifying. The much abused executive privilege often used by the current dispensation has completely wreaked havoc on our institutions.

Moderate the greed Neri says. A kickback will always be a kickback no matter how small the amount is. Lozada's expose showed how powerful and corrupt Ben Abalos is. I suppose he can dictate on the Arroyo's because of what happened back in the 2004 elections. It is now clear who did the wiretapping and who really holds the key on the Hello Garci issue.

The moral decay which has led to the destruction of our institution stops on the palace doors. Corruption emanates from the deep recesses of Malacañang. From the office of the president down to her loyal lieutenants. Moderate the greed, it stuck to my head like an addicting tune. Never have corruption been more pronounced. This is the first time that an official of the government confirms what is considered a norm in GMA's government.

Lozada also mentioned that there are projects that were able to duck the radar and pushed through without scrutiny. I am not surprised why there seems to be blind loyalty among Gloria's officials. Lozada will also divulge information on another anomalous deal tomorrow at the senate hearing. A deal that would dwarf the botched NBN-ZTE deal. Meanwhile, DoJ sec. Raul Gonzalez said that he cannot charge Abalos with bribery because it was not consummated. WTF? This only proves how corrupt this administration is.

Moderate the greed, what the Filipinos should do is kick this corrupt government out of office. We are being dragged into hell with this institutionalized corruption that rules over Malacañang. No wonder the rest of our decent and honest public servants are disillusioned and demoralized. With the leaders they have, they have become outcasts floating in a sea of corruption. It's high time we show this government we can take no more. Like what Lozada said, there comes a time when we all have to make a stand. That time is now.