Saturday, February 09, 2008

Abalos Almighty

Why is Benjamin Abalos so powerful? What spell did he cast on Gloria to allow him to dictate what he wants? What power does he have that the military and its intelligence arm follow his every order? What does he know that even Mike Arroyo is afraid of him? These are just a few questions that come to mind after hearing Joey de Venecia's and Jun Lozada's testimonies.

Jun Lozada said that Abalos informed him that he has in his possession CDs of wiretapped conversions of Joey and Jun. Wiretapped? Whenever we hear of wiretapping, the Hello Garci tapes come to mind. These tapes started GMA's sleepless nights and frequent trips to St. Luke's. Wiretap, there just might be something here. From the looks of it, Abalos maybe the one who ordered the wiretapping on Garci and Gloria. No wonder Abalos can influence just about anyone he chooses. But I suppose Lozada and Joey felt they had nothing to hide and decided to come out.

This brings us back to the Hello Garci issue. Could it be that Abalos played a very significant role in the 2004 elections? Just last year, during the mid-term elections, Abalos was reported to have met the Zubiris at his favorite haunt, the Shangrila Hotel in Makati. Abalos is good at making himself look innocent and clean. Even if you catch him, he has a way of making you look evil and him, a saint.

So it is pretty obvious that if the Arroys dump Abalos, Abalos will scream like pig. He will not allow himself to be the scapegoat of the Arroyos. He will definitely go down fighting. Abalos almighty, the king maker of the Philippines. Every corrupt elected official is beholden to him. He is indeed the most powerful man in the country. The Arroyos should watch their backs(?). Abalos I am very sure will take them down with him.