Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The Rape Of Reform And Change

I wanted to do a live blog of JdV's ouster as speaker yesterday but I lost my appetite as soon as the session started. And as soon the circus started and the clowns started debating, the more I lost the drive to cover it. So as I exchanged text messages with Leah Navarro, I could not help but wince in total disgust. At least Manolo Quezon was able to update us through his twitter although I am sure he was incensed as I was. It was a lesson in transactional politics that all should have watched.

Abraham Mitra moved to declare the speakership vacant. JdV drew the line and finally severed his ties with the Arroyos with a confession-cum privilege speech. As usual, the tongressmen and tongresswomen one by one stood to to explain their votes. This was when I felt my stomach turn and begin to sour. Everyone who voted to oust JdV sounded like parrots with forked tongues. They all claimed to stand for change and reform. It was clear that they had the numbers and would kick JdV out. It was obvious that vested interest was the norm of the day. They cloaked their true intention in the guise of pure old change.

The neophytes and the young representatives exposed their true colors, they are professional trad-pols. I stopped counting the votes as quickly as it started. As the night grew late, the more the lies and rhetorics sickened me. They stuck to their claim of reform. It was clear who was orchestrating the opera, Malacañang was calling the shots. The signs were all there but JdV never took notice of them.

When the NBN-ZTE scam was exposed and JdV's son was in the thick of it. Talk of JdV's ouster was ripe and making its rounds in coffee shops. Pundits talked about Joey's revelations and the impact it had on the de Venecia-Arroyo relationship. JdV's ouster was coming. Malacañang took away JdV's power on the pork and delegated it to the DBM. This was a clear sign that the palace was up to something. Never have this been done before, Gloria has crossed the boundaries of power. She was taking control of the house. It was clear, the representatives will have to toe the Malacañang line or lose their pork. JdV was without a carrot to dangle. But the true victim was our government structure, the executive and at least part of the legislative is now one.

I too clamor for change but not like this. It was obvious that reform and change was not what tongress wanted. It reeked of vested interests and personal ambitions. Boy Nograles, a classmate of Mike Arroyo would now be the palace puppy. I am sure that the change would now place the lower house where it should belong, in the gutters where Gloria sits as well. It was personal vendetta and Gloria did not try to hide it. As usual, she's unabashed to exhibit her arrogance and power. Nothing changed in congress, it's still occupied by the very same hoodlums. JdV would be a formidable opponent and Gloria has finally taken him out of the equation. She can now have all the power to herself.

But the real change this administration is after is not simply taking JdV out. We are all aware that in two years time,Gloria will have to step down. With it goes her immunity and I am sure that there will be a mad dash to sue her. This is the reason why she wants to create more cities and put her most trusted men in the right places. JdV has since turned his back on charter change and this is very bad for Gloria. Without cha-cha, she and her gang is dead meat. Time is running out and she has to get her cha-cha going. This is also the reason why Ronaldo Puno is in the DILG, she needs local support and Puno can get this done. This is where the creation of new cities come into play. The more local governments are involved, the bigger the chances for Gloria to save her ass.

The Mindanao insurgency is now being used to drum up support for a shift to federalism. The shift to parliamentary has been dropped as it was too expensive and quite a hot issue to handle. To make it more easier for the people to swallow change, the MILF issue is now being played. What a better way to disguise her true motives. Play the issues and let everything work its way out.

What we are witnessing is the rape of reform and change. We are heading into war. Not for genuine change but a change more sinister than the one the lower house went through. The change Gloria wants is an abomination that we must all reject. JdV may have acted late but things can still swing in his favor, if he sings the right tunes. He has to confess, and confess truthfully. Then and only then would the true face of the Arroyos be exposed and the country freed from a ruthless regime. Gloria's allies may have won the battle, but the best of what JdV will reveal in the coming days may just cut their celebrations short. It can bring Gloria and her house down. If that should happen, that is one change I am sure we all will believe is genuine.


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