Friday, February 22, 2008

The Youth Makes A Stand

We have often discounted the youth. Some of us have even counted them out. Now they have come out of hibernation and have set their foot down. Today, they have drawn the line on the sand and has picked up the slack we old-timers left unfinished. They are now out to make and be part of history. Many of us lost some of the fire we once had in the fight for genuine change. Some have grown tired and has hung up their gloves and slipped into slumber.

The real stakeholders of what we fought for in the past are now in the forefront of the fight against the "evil" in our midst. They have declared war on Gloria. What strikes me most is how they rebuked the assertions of Malacañang that the people are tired of people power. They said that even if it takes them several people powers to effect the change they seek, so be it. Malacanang's propaganda is not being taken by the young guns. Their declaration mocks the palace and seems to say, "bring it on".

The youth is not burned out like most of us, but more steadfast than I had expected. They are more active reminiscent of the youth during the Marcos years. They were babies during EDSA 1 and were not quite mature during EDSA 2. They want a more active role in shaping their future. I gotta hand it to these kids, they sure know how to rattle Gloria. The good thing is that the communal action now emanates from them. We should support these idealists in our midst. They have show true grit and determination. All is not lost as long as we move in the direction they dictate. They are not tainted nor biased. They have only their future to hang on to.

I am glad that finally, they have realized what most of us have been fighting for. It was never for us but for them. Our time may have passed but seeing the collective action of the youth of today gives me hope. Hope that the future is brighter than we could imagine. Kudos to the youth for you have not wasted the energies we put in the fight for a better Philippines. I pray that you will keep the fires burning and that you will not lose sight of your goals.

We need collective action. It is time to once again bridge the gap not only in generation but in society as well. The time is ripe that we drive away the "evils" in government. No amount of propaganda from Gloria's minions can convince us that People Power cannot work. I ask you to join hands with the youth. They need our support now more than ever. Let's prove Gloria wrong. The Filipino is not tired, we're just warming up.