Sunday, February 24, 2008

An Inutile President

Gloria in an interview over DZRH admitted that she learned of irregularities in the NBN-ZTE deal the night before the contract signing. Yet she allowed it to push through. Her lame excuse was that she cannot cancel it outright because another country was involved in the contract. How stupid and spineless can she be? Regardless of whether a diplomatic row could result from the cancellation, she is supposed to look after the wellbeing of the Philippines.

She also said that she spoke with the Chinese president at the first opportunity she found. Yet she dragged her feet before placing the NBN in hibernation. Only when the anomalies were unmasked and a senate hearing underway did she actually announce the cancellation of the agreement. Another question is why only the ZTE officials were present and not a single Chinese government official was there. It is clear now how the administration tried to get one over the Filipino people. Regardless of the short time involved, she could have right there and then refused the signing.

Her messengers even described her "like a thief in the night" bringing home goodies for the country. She may really take us for fools, easy to hoodwink. I'm sure it's another ploy to appease the people. I expect another "I am sorry" statement in the days to come. But we've had enough of her scandalous operations and it's high time we show her what we're made of. It's an insult to our intelligence that she would think we'll buy her story hook, line and sinker.

Is this the kind of president who claims to fight corruption? How many allies of her have gotten away with plunder? Nani Perez and Jocjoc Bolante have yet to face even an investigation to explain the IMPSA deal and Fertilizer scam. Her order for the DoJ and the Ombudsman to look into the anomalous NBN deal is a mere Zarzuela. With this admission, Gloria shows how incompetent she at running the affairs of government and that she is not fit to represent the Filipino people.

It is time to kick her out of office before she sells the country out. Not only does she lack political will, she is SPINELESS and INUTILE.