Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Black Magic Woman's DemoNcrazy

Jun Lozada claimed to have heard Romy Neri call Gloria evil. Neri of course is struck once again with amnesia. But Lito Banayo asserts he also heard Neri call GMA evil and is even willing to testify under oath. Neri's world seems to be growing smaller everyday. Even his alma mater has disowned him. The more exposes come out, the more Gloria's true face is unmasked. For someone claiming to be God's gift to the nation, the "evil" tag shows otherwise. Her brand of democracy has set us back to the dark ages where justice is dictated by those in power. The rule of law is subverted and those in power interprets the laws of the land as they see fit.

Enter Gloria's Raul Gonzalez and Joey Salceda, two of GMA's ardent fans. Salceda during a lecture at the Ateneo Center of Economic Research and Development said, "We all know how lucky the president is. She may be a bitch , but she's the luckiest bitch around." Gonzalez for his part said that if Neri did call Gloria evil, he should resign his post. Neri when asked last Monday merely replied he doesn't remember. Gonzalez is Gloria's official whip. His primary role in government is to provide the chilling effect to whip everyone into place.

Gonzalez also pointed out how different the present cabinet is from the Hyatt 10. Oh yes they are totally different if you ask me. The current cabinet is as morally bankrupt and devoid of decency. I am sure that they all know how evil the current dispensation is and they partake of the loot as well. So the "unity walk" was a show of how bereft of decency our so-called leaders are. They demonstrated how "evil" this administration really is. The proud Hyatt 10 had evolved to the La Salle 60. I am sure Gloria will do anything to keep her gang intact. She cannot afford to lose even one as it may create the tipping point that could lead to her ouster.

The CBCP has apologized to the people for leading its flock to the dungeons of hell. Of course there are still bishops out there who lean to the "dark side", afraid of losing meaty "donations" from the palace. But the church hierarchy is rocking from the bottom up. The surge is coming from ordinary nuns and priests. The church leaders could soon find themselves isolated with the activism of its members.

So the black magic that GMA wields could soon dry up. Even those who supported her rise to power are one by one abandoning her. Her ship is sinking fast and with lesser fingers to plug the holes, she and her gang will soon be drenched. The difference is that the people may not be forgiving this time around. She had pushed the nation to the hilt and nothing even her resignation would appease the growing lynch mob. The people are tired of her charades, her rhetorics and her heavy hand. Even the military whom she managed to control by bastardizing the doctrine of chain of command is more restive. Her puppy Esperon is busy taking loyalty checks all over the country.

The black magic woman's demo-n-crazy (democracy) is fast going down the drain. All she can do is sit and wait for the inevitable. I am very sure she is on her way out. And those who chose to stick it out with her can kiss their asses goodbye. This time around, justice will not be soft as the people will be closely watching and will be very demanding.