Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Cat Is Out Of The Bag

Jun Lozada is finally out of PNP hands. Appearing stressed and haggard, he faced the press surrounded by nuns and priests. I am glad that the media stuck to this issue that resulted in Lozada's release. He recounted his ordeal and detailed the circumstances behind the scandalous NBN-ZTE deal. He corroborated Joey de Venecia's testimony and implicated former COMELEC chair Benjamin Abalos and Mike Arroyo. He also revealed how Abalos insisted on a $130 million kickback. He also confirmed that a meeting with Abalos, Joey and Mike Arroyo did take place. He knew of the overpricing which the palace knew as well and yet approved the project.

Now that the missing link has been found, Lozada is now ready to face the senate and reveal what he knows, officially that is. Lozada reminds of the computer technicians who walked out of the PICC during the snap elections that exposed the massive cheating to favor Marcos. It was the start of the end for the dictator. Lozada has now put his life on the line for the Filipinos.

As expected, Malacañang dismissed Lozada's statements as pure lies. Romulo Neri should take Lozada's lead and come out. There comes a time when every man has to make a stand. The time is now. Former and current officials should now do the right thing. Those who know of anomalies in government should come out and reveal what they know. The truth will always find a way to come out. Blind loyalty leads to loss of decency and self respect.

We will never achieve stability unless we continue to hide in the shadows of immorality. The time has come when we should face our fears and shed the skin of apathy. We are not a country of selfish cowards. We can once again be a proud nation. I suppose Gloria knows her time is almost up. She can again destabilize the country so she can declare martial law. With a stamp pad congress, she can get away with it. The question is, will we allow her?

I expect her to do the unthinkable. She has Esperon and Razon in her pocket. But I doubt if the rest of the AFP and the PNP would go along with her. The ball is now in Gloria's court. I can only speculate on what her next move would be. I can only pray that this would be over soon so we can all move forward. Of course under a new government without Gloria and her gang.

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