Monday, February 11, 2008

The Accidental Hero.

Rodolfo "Jun" Lozada was a nonentity. His name doesn't even ring a bell. With no political affiliation, he quietly played his role in Gloria's administration. His troubles began when tasked to "reconcile" the differences between Joey de Venecia and Ben Abalos. He soon gained Abalos's ire. Stressed and overworked, he finally left things as they were and told his friend Romy Neri that the squabble was not worth risking his life for.

The NBN-ZTE deal soon reared its ugly head and the nation saw firsthand the enormity of government corruption. Lozada was soon pressed to appear in the senate hearings. Scared and worried, Malacañang operators soon devised a plan to make Lozada disappear. Ok, fine, things were still manageable. But things went sour. They committed the biggest blunder since the Hello Garci scandal. They did the unthinkable and abducted Lozada when he returned from his trip.

The family knew what fate awaits Lozada. In their bid to prevent what could have been a sorry end, they rocked the media which forced the government to change its plans. The rest was history and Lozada made his confession to the Filipino people. What started as a molehill ended up being a volcano that erupted right in the administration's face. They never expected Lozada would be found out. Now GMA and her gang is sitting on another powder keg whose fuse have been lit.

GMA is a cornered rat. The only thing she has going for her is her security forces. Still they are unreliable since Lozada revealed that soldiers' and police's housing projects were junked to make way for the kickback-riddled NBN-ZTE deal. I doubt if they can still muster enough forces to prop her weakened regime. No wonder her party KAMPI ousted JdV and is now trying to merge KAMPI and JdV's LAKAS. She needs to bank on this to prevent an impeachment.

But I know that Filipinos are not stupid. They can read what Gloria is up to. Gloria's time is almost up. They have miscalculated the decency of Jun Lozada. The sinner has repented. He may have done crazy things in his life, but he came back into the light. He is the accidental hero forced into the limelight.