Monday, February 25, 2008

BLOGSWARM: Take Down the Conjugal Plunderers

This the first day of protest of cyber activists against the conjugal plunderers in the palace by the murky river. Filipinos all over the world are disgusted by the moral bankruptcy and insatiable greed of the powers that be. It's time to make a stand and share not only our voice but or actions as well.

Twenty-two years ago, the patience of the Filipinos finally ran out and kicked the dictator Ferdinand Marcos out of the country. Today, as we commemorate the action of the Filipinos which earned the respect of the entire international community, let us remind ourselves that power emanates from the people. The people has the sole right to put into office and remove from it any leader who has betrayed its people.

Making our leaders accountable for their crimes against the people is what we all seek. Only then can there be true justice and genuine change. We must learn from our past so as not to repeat the same mistakes again.