Friday, February 08, 2008

Ma'm, Your Slip Is Showing

Jun Lozada would fill the gaps as to the details of the NBN-ZTE deal. With his coming out, the palace bullhorn, Toting Bunye now says that the opposition's "slip is showing". The senate as he pictures it, is using Lozada to bring down the Arroyo government. Now that he is free from his 'abductors', he can face the senate without fear. Lozada is the break that the senate is waiting for. He could be the final nail in the administration's coffin.

Bunye together with Lito Atienza and Avelino Razon, with bleeding noses, tried to picture Lozada as a liar and an opposition lackey. Lozada's abduction was a big blunder. The palace did the stupidest thing everyone never expected them to do. Now the question is,who's slip is showing? Certainly not Lozada's or the opposition's. It's Gloria's slip that is showing. Her arrogance will do her in. She might have thought that the Filipinos are stupid. Sorry ma'm, it's you and your gang who crashed big time.

Lozada has nothing to fear from the senate, it is Gloria and her husband who stand lose a lot and therefore the only personalities Lozada has to fear. I no longer wonder why Abalos wields so much power. Perhaps we have to revisit the cheating in the 2004 elections to find out why. Lozada also claimed that Abalos reminded him that he has close ties with the military and the intelligence community. The MIG 17 was mentioned again and we all know that they were responsible for the Hello Garci wiretapping. Was it Abalos who ordered the wiretapping? Was this his modus operandi to gain influence? The ISAFP may have thought that the Garci tapes would never see the light of day, but thanks to the wily Vidal Doble, the people had the chance to take a 'peek' at the shenanigans of Gloria.

Ma'm, your slip is showing for the whole nation to see. The scandals you and your family is involved in is just too staggering to the Filipinos' senses. Never have the nation seen so much corruption and abuse of power. Should the Arroyos hang Abalos, it would be like shooting themselves in the head. So the ghost of the 2004 elections have come back to bite them in the ass. Now the entire picture is almost complete. It is clear that Abalos holds the key to the Arroyos' survival. Ma'm, your slip is showing because you forgot to cover your tracks cleanly. Now ywe will watch you wince and squirm with every revelation of whistle-blowers that I am sure will soon suface.

Gloria so I thought was a good student of history. She failed miserably as she never learned from Marcos and Estrada. She will not get away this time as her stupid gangsters miscalculated Jun Lozada's resolve. So Gloria's run is at its end. Her arrogance and greed has done her in. I suppose this time around, she will be joining her husband in permanent exile, that is if any country will take her in. I doubt this very much. Hahahaha, so much for Mikey, Dato and Iggy's coup in congress. Reform? Change? Sure the can country will reform and change as soon as you are gone.

*I'm giving you a sneak peek.
This is what's under Gloria's skirt:
The most expensive stretch of road - Macapagal Blvd.
The IMPSA deal wherein her ally Nani Perez took $2million in bribes
The diversion of the Fertilizer Funds
The Phil-Health card
The OWWA Fund Mess
The cheating in the 2004 presidential elections
The collateral damage in her all-out war against the insurgencies
The hundreds of victims of political killings and enforced disappearances
The NBN-ZTE scam
The North Rail and South Rail Projects
The Jose Pidal accounts
The abduction of Jun Lozada
EO 464
The violent dispersals of rallies
The cover up of her administration in the senate investigation
The bribery of congressmen and local executives
The Cyber-Education Program
The Jueteng-gate

These are just some of the issues GMA has been conveniently evading and hiding. It's high time all these issues are answered.