Wednesday, August 16, 2006

TRUTH: Can it ever be told?

What can the people do to compel the administration to once and for all let the truth come out? Its minions and "bouncers" has managed to keep the administration's stink from coming out regardless of what we all consider as public knowledege. This nation's history has been rocked by cover-ups and lies that one would just resign himself to accepting that this is what the Philippines and its governments past and present had considered SOP. But we the people deserve to be informed and not misinformed. Truth then has been considered passe mostly by the current administration and its cohorts both in the public and private sectors.

What I don't get is how some individuals can still be lied to, believe and even praise to high heavens this pretender in the palace. Its totally mind-boggling if you ask me. I would understand those who benefit from the current administration, but to blindly believe without an iota of doubt, whatever the pretender says is unbelievable. Am I the only one in the entire country who has encountered these individuals? My advice should you encounter this kind of zombie is to hanker down and try to outwit them in their own game of propaganda.

Watching the majority bloc in congress defend their master with ludicrous assertions made me laugh with contempt. They are truly putting up not a good fight but a hilarious comedy that rivaled the best sitcoms on cable tv. Clowns they really all are. The gallant representatives of the opposition might as well dump their diplomacy/respect and be sarcastic with these clowns. But even with this tactic, the thick-skinned (mis)representathieves wouldn't back down. They stand to lose everything should the pretender be impeached.

To keep the society from dipping its hand in this turmoil, the administration has hired the services of individuals who call themselves, "The Legion" and they are many. So many that the jugglers in the palace have to find more funds to keep the Legion from disintegrating. Add that to the money they need to keep their jesters in congress happy and their storm troopers from melting down.

Finally, the international community had come to the simple Filipino's aid and is pressuring this administration to adhere to upholding basic human rights. But simple declarations would not scare this dispensation, unless strong embargos are employed, the pretender will not bow down to a piece of paper. They must deprive this administration of funds which obviously does not reach the intended beneficiaries but are diverted to "special urgent projects" which only the administration knows.

Can the truth be told? My two cents is unless the people comes to its senses and finally assert its right to be informed, it will never come out. Any day now, the Legion will file their petition to the COMELEC, unless the Supreme Court adheres to what is constitutionally mandated, this administration will continue to wield power with impunity as long as it pleases. Would you like this to happen? Should we remain silent and accept anything thrown at us? Open your eyes to reality before its all too late. The Filipino is not a WHIMP!