Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Parliament They Want

Tyranny by numbers is the order of the day. Today, the lower house will finally put to rest, the second impeachment of the pretender in the palace. As expected, the (in)Justice Committee by sheer number, approved the committee report. Steamrolling the opposition to a vote of 36 to 0, they will now present the report to the house plenary for final approval. The minority refused to vote, denouncing the way the majority railroaded the process. Reneging on their "gentleman's agreement" (as if there is any gentleman in the majority bloc) to deliberate and scrutinize the report.

The majority would love to put the impeachment behind so they can finally concentrate on the most important "resolution" in their agenda, to turn congress to a constituent assembly. They boast that they only need six more signatures to finally entrench themselves in power for eternity.

Are we going to allow this rape of democracy? We have witnessed the congress at work, their demeanor and their arrogance. To allow this institution to make a mockery of the constitution would send our country back to 1973. The current lot of politicians in the majority bloc reminds us of what traditional politics is all about. Its all about keeping the power in the hands of a moneyed few.

They accuse those against charter change as counterproductive where in fact its only themselves they want to "progress". Time and again they betrayed their constituents' trust all in the name of the mighty peso. They have yet to prove to the people that they adhere to the principle of good governance and transparency. They have brought nothing but suffering to the people they swore to serve by spending their pork on worthless billboards, ghost projects and sub-standard infrastractures. They continue to deprive the people of basic social services and condone the abuse of our rights.

Would we want these hooligans in barongs and coats to run our country to the ground? These are the very persons who wish to turn congress into a parliament. A parliament they themselves will benefit from, a parliament whose sole purpose is to entrench and enrich themselves. A parliament where the voice of the people will never be heard, A parliament which can do what it wishes without being scrutinized nor be put in check by the courts. Will this parliament they propose be for the people or is this the parliament the people want? Or is this a parliament which these "trapos" want? To me, its clear as day, this is the parliament they want.