Thursday, August 31, 2006

COMELEC Junks Sigaw's Bid?

The COMELEC voted unanimously against Sigaw ng Bayan's petition. Citing the Supreme Court's ruling, Sigaw would now have to ask the SC to hear their case. But despite the junking, the COMELEC took cognizance of the signatures submitted by SnB. This means that SnB did meet the required per centum to "amend" portions of the constitution.

Without going thru any scrutiny, these signatures are deemed authentic by the en banc's statements. Why did the COMELEC do this? This could only mean one thing, should the SC reverse its previous ruling, the COMELEC does not have to check each and every signature. Accusations of forged signatures will not be heard anymore. The COMELEC came out clean and played safe with their decision. Now they will just await the SC's ruling and God forbid it rules for SnB, then we're really screwed as whatever accusation of fraud will not be accommodated by the COMELEC because of this cognizance.

Those who questioned the alleged "spurious" signatures now cannot contest the signatures. Is this the script that was written by the palace? It could be, as we all know the administration's use of technicalities and (un)due process to get what it wants. It just needs to follow the schedule it set and nothing can derail their plans of total domination.

We have to closely watch the Supreme Court and be more vigilant now. The next chapter of the script could spell the end of democracy and the start of hell for all of us. The tyrannical dinosaurs in the administration will stop at nothing to push their Cha-Cha bid and make sure any constitutional attempt to rid the country of the "virus in the palace" will not succeed.

The next couple of months is crucial, and this could be the turning point. The lower house announced that they are just two votes shy of their constituent assembly bid. A two-pronged attack on democracy if I may say. Now the opposition has to divide its attention between SnB and the lower house. Now we really have to work hard to foil the pretnder's evil plan.