Sunday, August 13, 2006

Sowing the Seeds of "HYPE"

Since Gloria, "the Pretender", delivered her SONA, her Legion, Sigaw ng Bayan is going all-out in a campaign to demolish all opposition to their People's Initiative(?). JDV and the Low(est)er House has failed to meet its time-table to convert congress to a constituent assembly that would have paved the way in the pretender's perpetual stay in power. Sigaw has also gone on a media blitz, employing black propaganda to keep the Cha-Cha ball rolling. From accusing all opposition as being oligarchs to abolishing the senate, to starting a class war and the latest, to painting the presidential system as the cause of unemployment and the factor that pushes our people to slave in foreign lands. (I wish they would question the pretender's policy of sending more OFWs to work abroad)

While our contstitution needs amending, it does not need a complete overhaul. Implementation has been the biggest hindrance in our quest for progress. Red-tape and corruption has prevented the much needed investments from coming in. I wonder how Sigaw justifies its assertions. Cha-Cha can only be successful if the leaders understand what public service is. Isn't the lower house composed of the very oligarchs Sigaw hates so much? To open up the economy to foreign ownership without a strong domestic economic base will only lead to local enterprises to close shop. Real state prices will shoot up and further deprive the ordinary Filipino from owning a small piece of land. Our small scale businesses will lose out to bigger more modern foreign enterprises. Removing term limits of representatives will promote warlordism and dynasties. Does Sigaw really think that the moneyed, political families will allow a common Juan dela Cruz to take his place of power? If they really want equal representation in congress, why not remove the limitations on the partylist, thereby any interest and marginalized sector will be duly represented in congress? Are the current lot of congressmen afraid they may lose out when this is done? It seems Sigaw has a clouded view of politics and how it is done or they would want to go by the easy way and just do it by "hype". Ordinary people are dreamers, just feed them what they want and you will soon have them eating in the palm of your hands. But in reality, their dreams will just be dreams, in the end they'll realize that they've been had. The promise of a smoother and prosperous life has been used by the same lot of politicians we now have, this is also what Sigaw asserts will happen should we approve their Cha-Cha, a life of bliss and happiness. What makes them different from the "trapos" who after being elected by the people contracts selective amnesia? All they remember are those who contributed to their campaign kitty and how to enrich themselves. Forgetting the poor hapless folks he promised the world to.

The senate has gained the ire of the palace because it has and continues to uncover anomalies committed by the executive. Instead of addressing the issues and accusations, the palace has resorted to unconstitutional means to silence and thwart any kind of opposition. In trickles, evidences of impropriety are coming out. This is slowly pushing the palace's back against the wall. Malacañang clearly has given Sigaw its "marching orders", Cha-Cha must be done at the soonest possible time. They are uncertain how the impending "death" of the second impeachment will be seen and taken by the general public. Of course they wouldn't want to have any election next year as the populace would surely kick their lackeys out of office and send someone who they think will genuinely represent them. (Susan Ople has this say about abolishing the senate)

Lambino of Sigaw had said on ANC that his group will be filing a petition before the COMELEC this coming Friday, August 18. Sigaw ng Bayan has claimed support of more than 9 million Filipinos. With the Supreme Court shooting down the first FVR-PI, can the justices hold back the pressure from Malacañang to see Sigaw's PI in a different light? We see a pattern how the administration continues to toy with its two co-equal branches. We must be vigilant now more than ever as the pretender grows desperate as the days go by. Her plan to divide and conquer has met a deadend with the senate. Unwavered by Malacañang's onslaught, the senate has withstood every attack the palace had thrown at it. The only way now for the pretender to deal with the senate is through Cha-Cha. The last bastion of democracy will now be pitted against her legion. We must not be taken in by simple visions, we must be served with facts not fiction. So beware, of wolves in sheep's clothing. They have been sowing the seeds of HYPE and not reality. Let us show them that we, the people has a personal stake in government and no liar/trapo can hoodwink us into giving him our future.