Monday, August 28, 2006


Much had been said about the "PI ni Gloria", but what is it really? This monstrosity first reared its ugly head right after her SONA last year. She had tickled the fancy of incumbent officials and the lure of extended if not permanent hold on power was just too juicy to disregard. Local officials sprung to life when the pretender herself endorsed the idea of "revising" the entire constitution and shifting from presidential to parliamentary system. AdCom, ULAP, the administration bloc and the PI of Sigaw ng Bayan did not waste time to conduct an "expensive" campaign to push for Charter Change.

An entire year had passed since the Gloriagate and the queen of the Enchanted Kingdom sits atop the throne, wielding power like there's no tomorrow. Her legions claimed to have gathered ten million signatures with the "aid" of local officals and "funding" from the vault of the Enchanted Kingdom. While PIRMA (FVR's friends) tried this trick back in '97, the Supreme Court issued a permanent injunction to this futile practice due to lack of an enabling law. But what are we in power, retorts Malacanang. With the continued mockery of the constitution by the pretender, she can do anything she wants and get away with it.

The noose of public disgust though not openly expressed, is slowly tightening. The administration and the proponents of Cha-Cha obviously is spooked. The Second Impeachment Complaint had to be quashed, as reward, all those who connived to junk the impeachment now faces the reward of perpetual bliss. The rush to ram the Cha-Cha down the people's throat is the pay-off the congressmen had been waiting for. Obviously, the script set by the conspirators had been followed to the tee. Regardless of whatever denial or explanation emanates from the administration, the public has judged them. Whatever you may want to call it, to me, this is plain and simple "PAYOLA". By hook or by crook, unless some hand of miracle intervenes, we are facing a new breed of tyrants. How power corrupts. The taste of power has drowned any sense of decency and had placed the welfare of the country to the least of their priorities.

We whine about fixers in the different agencies of government, what we failed to see was the pretending president is the biggest "FIXER" in government. Yes the fixer who corrupts and destroys the institutions of society and government to finally secure her throne and hold on power.