Wednesday, August 30, 2006


I hate moderating commenters on my blog. But it seems that some will do anything to ruin another blogger's name. I'm referring to person/persons who have in the past commented here impersonating another blogger. Gari (Bangketa Republique) helped me trace and locate the impostor/impostors who used and maligned Mong Palatino (Mongster's Nest) by posting a pathetic comment broadsiding Manolo Quezon and Toots Ople. I have informed Mong and he had since issued a disclaimer on his blog.

My only request is for the commenters here to be truthful. Otherwise, I will be forced to ban you.

These are the aliases this impostor uses to comment on this blog:

Tessie, Tony, Carlo, Lt. Edmundo, Sr. Angela, Arkibo, Juancho, Quisumbing and Ssan.
The IP address they use are and (Fredrericksburg, TX, USA).

To other bloggers, take note of the IPs I mentioned. I hope this will prevent impostors from sowing any misunderstanding in the blogsphere.