Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Administration Declares Open Season on Media

Norbeto Gonzales once again grabs the "limelight" as he accused media of being infiltarted by the NPA. With this pronouncement, he virtually declared an open season on media. From now on, any media practioner can be targeted for liquidation by state agents.

He has made similar assertions before. And everytime he does this, those he pointed to were quickly neutralized. Didn't he say that progressive/militant groups serve as fronts and composed of leftists? He also said that student organizations were full of leftist.

Scores of students and cause-oriented group members and leaders have been silenced by the military. This they did with impunity while Malacañang praised to high heavens its "successful" operations. Could this latest assertion of Gonzales be used to justify media killings? I suppose yes, as we have seen the instataneous response of the administration's goons on our youth and progressive groups. And this would be justified under the current administration's all-out war against the Left.

This sends a chilling effect on media practioners who dare speak against this illegitimate regime. Is media about to be purged by the government tasked to uphold its rights? It could be viewed as an "order" to submit to those in power and tow the government line or suffer the same fate of those who dared to speak out against an abusive administration.

I wouldn't expect Taskforce USIG to come up with anything substantial after Gonzales made this claim. Expect them to find nothing political about the spate of extrajudicial killings and may opt to point once again to the CPP-NPAor some personal vendetta. While Amnesty International assails the administration for doing nothing to stop the killings, GMA and her goons couldn't care less. Its no wonder why up to now, the Philippines refuses to ratify the Rome Statute. To put the government under the scrutiny of the International Criminal Court could spell disaster for GMA and her minions.

The question now is who's next? Soon all institutions and sectors of society will be accused by Gonzales as being infiltrated by the Left. Could it be the church, next time, the League of Barangays perhaps? Your guess is as good as mine. But for now, the killings continue to escalate and justice will not be on the side of the helpless but with those who wield power.

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